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Building the Future: AI Product Development Essentials

Unlock the power of AI with JavaScript and Python, and get hands-on with tools like LangChain and LlamaIndex.

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Generative AI Webinar 2024

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Program Overview

Exploring AI: Key Concepts and Tools at a Glance

Discover the basics of Generative AI and how it's powering a new wave of creative and analytical applications across industries.

Get to grips with the mechanics and potential of Large Language Models, the brains behind today's most sophisticated AI conversations.

Explore Hugging Face, a treasure trove of open-source AI models, and how it's democratizing access to cutting-edge machine learning.

Learn about OpenAI's API and model offerings, which have been simplifying the complex process of integrating AI into various platforms.

Delve into vector databases like FAISS, Pinecone, Weaviate, and MongoDB, and their role in revolutionizing data retrieval and management

See how custom datasets can teach Large Language Models new tricks, making them even more powerful tools for your projects.

An introduction to enhancing AI's understanding with retrieval-augmented generation, fine-tuning techniques, and knowledge graphs.

Discover Lang Chain, the innovative tool that's bridging the gap between natural language processing and logical reasoning.

Initially known as GPT Index, LlamaIndex has evolved into an indispensable ally for developers. It's like a multi-tool that helps in various stages of working with data and large language models

Glimpse the future of AI where agentive systems self-navigate tasks, offering a new layer of intelligence to technological solutions.

Meet Your Mentor

Mayur Patil


A seasoned product developer and corporate trainer with an impressive 22-year’s journey in the tech industry. As the founder of Logicwaves Academy, he has been at the forefront of AI technology, educating and mentoring over a thousand professionals to excel in technology and product development.

Mayur’s expertise is not just in teaching but also in applying practical AI solutions, making cutting-edge technology accessible and actionable for all.

Mayur Patil

Why attend this Webinar?

  • Deep Dive into AI Modeling: Uncover the intricacies of RAG and Knowledge Graph techniques for richer, more complex AI interactions.

  • Framework Expertise: Get up-close with Hugging Face, the leading platform for machine learning models, and learn to navigate its extensive libraries and tools.

  • Custom AI Solutions: Learn the art of fine-tuning with OpenAI, tailoring pre-trained models to fit your unique application requirements.

  • Tech Stack Innovation: Explore how to integrate these AI tools and frameworks seamlessly into your development projects for smarter, more efficient outcomes.

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Generative AI Webinar 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

A webinar is completely beginner-friendly. In this Webinar, there are no prerequisites, so anyone with the right attitude, logical thinking, drive for curiosity, and desire to learn new skills can achieve success and get job-ready skills.

No, this will be a Live Webinar and no recordings would be available.

Get career advice and understand the traits you need to succeed as a full-stack AI Developer. Also, we learn what kind of skills companies look for in full-stack AI developers.

Graduates and postgraduates with a technical degree, students in their final year of a technical degree, and all professionals are welcome to apply for this webinar. Anyone can take this course including:

  • Fresher
  • Developers
  • Professionals working in the IT Industry
  • Technology-related professionals

Professionals from a variety of fields in addition to having no background in tech, our pre-webinar will prepare you for everything you will learn in the webinar.

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